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One of our core goals is to make this film and its information accessible to as many people as possible. We have taken the first steps towards establishing a distribution that is as diverse as possible and mostly for free.

You can watch the documentary “Mergui” for free on Tubi is available in the US, Canada and various other countries but not in Europe. From the EU you can try a VPN workaround.

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“So yes, the landscapes are stunning and beautifully captured thanks to superb cinematography, and in particular amazing aerial takes throughout. The film is also phenomenally directed, very well edited and overall well-paced. The narration is also very clear, warm and satisfactory. The same goes for the score which is heartwarming, at times fittingly traditional and always accompanying the imagery on screen very deftly.”

On prime video you have to pay for the content but it is free of any advertising.

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The “Directors cut” is available on video DVD and BluRay Disc.